A Few Reminders from Löviselle Löviselle’s Mission Löviselle’s Philosophy and Commitment

A Few Reminders from Löviselle

1. Medical aesthetics is a medical practice. To protect your legal rights and interests, we strongly recommend that you fully understand the qualifications and competencies of medical facilities and doctors before receiving any diagnosis and treatment, and check whether the provider is an official partner organization/doctor of Löviselle.

2. This website aims to provide consumers with information and education related to basic aesthetics and medical science, including Löviselle’s basic product information. It does not constitute medical advice or product recommendations. Please be sure to consult a health professional for information on diagnosis and treatment options suitable for you.

3. Each product has its own characteristics and advantages. According to the area you want to improve and the results you expect to achieve, choose the appropriate product or surgical technique based on the product’s characteristics and communication with your doctor.

4. Facial features and reactions to products vary from person to person, and an injection of the same dose at the same site may produce different results in different consumers.

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Löviselle’s Mission

Building a global high-end medical aesthetics brand in accordance with the standards of polishing superior quality products

while observing full respect for scientific excellence, medical practices, and consumers.

Creating balanced, poised, and sensory beauty for Chinese women in a regenerative manner.

Löviselle’s Philosophy and Commitment

Placing regeneration at the core of our antiaging efforts
Reshaping facial rejuvenation strategies
Creating a four-dimensional, comprehensive youthful look.